Massage ​Therapy


Sports Rehabilitation 


Cut your recovery time in HALF!

Sports massage promotes circulation, brings blood flow to areas like tendons and ligaments that don't typically get much blood flow naturally. Brings nutrition in and flushes toxins out to help recover sore muscles from accidents, injuries and surgery's. So if your an professional athlete, weekend warrior or recovering from an injury this is for you. 

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Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage helps mom's-to-be feel amazing in there constantly changing body. Prenatal massage helps relieve pain in the lower back and expanding hips. Prenatal massage also helps reduce edema; swelling of the legs and feet. This massage promotes an overall relaxation for the mind, body and soul for momma and baby.  Education on sleeping positions is provided as well to promote great sleep.

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Cranio-Sacral therapy is amazing. this Therapy helps structurally  realign all the bones in your hips, spine and skull. This helps with overall alignment and balance as well as hormonal balance. Cranio-Sacral helps regulate mood swings, hot flashes, menstral cycle irregularities, and overall immunity. You wear loose comfortable clothing, and lay face up on the table. most people fall asleep within 5 minutes. This therapy is VERY relaxing.

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“heal your body, heal your mind.”

Therapeutic massage/ Deep Tissue 

60 mins $80

90 mins $120

Therapeutic massage is tailored and customized to your individual needs. Whether it be deep tissue, sports with PNF stretching or more on the relaxing Swedish side of massage. This massage will have you relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on life again!

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins $100

90 mins $130

Hot Stone is a very relaxing massage. The heated stones penetrate the muscles very deeply without the pressure of deep tissue to relieve and relax tight muscles. Hot stone massage will melt away any stress or tension life may cause. 

Pregnancy Massage

60 mins $80

90 mins $120

Pregnancy massage is very relaxing for mama and baby. it helps relieve any tension in the hips and lower back as well as other areas that have aches and pains during pregnancy. I will teach you how to sleep to relieve any hip tension and insomnia.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

60 mins $80

90 mins $120

Cranio-Sacral therapy works with the Cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord. It also structurally realigns your body starting from your sacrum working up the spine and into the skull. it helos balance your hormones and overall immunity.  


60 mins $60

90 mins $90 

Feel rejuvenated and fresh after an amazing experience receiving reiki. Reiki will recharge and realign our energy, allow you to let go of past hurt or pain, and give you a space to allow your body to heal itself.

Chakra Balancing

60 min $60

Charka Balancing is very peaceful and enlightening experience. It is a very relaxing way to balance your body, mind and soul. Using stones, crystals, and energy we gracefully balance all 7 charkas in the body. Most people leave feeling very refreshed and relaxed. 

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